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Warum lernt man Deutsch? (Why Learn German?)


In addition to his own language, every third German adult, including 99% of the faculty members and university students, speaks a second language.

The word is achievement. High school is a time of fulfilling requirements. If the study of a foreign language is required at your school, you will find that choosing German is an easy and fun way to complete that requirement. In addition to that, good grades in German can help produce a higher grade point average and increase your chances to be accepted at your favorite college or university. Learning a foreign language can prepare high school students for their future by providing them with the practical and academic skills to achieve success at the college level and beyond.

Did you know that studying a second language can improve your verbal skills and grades for college? Research has shown that math and verbal SAT scores increase with each additional year of foreign language study. That means the longer you study Deutsch, the stronger your learning skills become to succeed at a college or a university.

Studying German can improve your analytic and interpretive abilities. Plus three years of German study will definitely catch the eye of anyone reading your application for college or for a job. At the college or university level, there are several academic programs available to help students be successful. Examples are international studies and business programs, Junior Year Abroad programs, exchange student programs, or double-major programs.