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The last year, Ed has worked extensively supporting me on the development of my family history and genealogy. He has translated the book, Würzberg—ein Heimatbuch written by Walter Weidmann, which is the village where my family originated. In addition, he developed the contacts and scheduled a week's trip to Germany. On the trip, Ed served as a translator, as a tour guide, and as an advisor for not only the genealogy research, but also daily life in Germany. Because of Ed, the trip was an outstanding success, and we hope to return in the near future.

Doug Drumheller— Doug Drumheller

Ed is a superb tutor. He is a master of German grammar and vocabulary, and he communicates the concepts very well and uses a variety of techniques. He takes each lesson seriously and knows how to cater to the needs of his students. When I started with him, I knew a few words and some grammar...8 months later I had the confidence to get around in Germany. I continue to work with Ed, because I always learn something. He's a nice guy and I can see my German improving week after week. Meine höchste Empfehlung!!!

Dr Mark Yazer— Dr. Mark H. Yazer, MD

Herr Heinlein — Ich wollte Dir ganz schnell schreiben, zu sagen, dass Karsten und Fritz sehr gut gemacht haben! Spitze! Karsten hat 95% bekommen, und Fritz hat 100% bekommen. Sehr toll! . . . Wir hatten eine tolle interessante Klasse gehabt! Alles wegen Karsten. Das war gut! Obwohl Du nicht hier warst, warst du immer noch ein Teil von unserer Klasse heute! Super!

I told them (parents) that I’ve noticed great improvement with the two students in 7th grade (See next testimonial.) since you’ve been working with them. What a difference having your extra help!

— Tim Toomey, German teacher at South Fayette Middle School

My two sons, both 7th graders, were in need of additional guidance and knowledge in their German class. They were scoring below their capabilities on German quizzes and tests. Herr Heinlein began tutoring both boys for an hour per week. Within a short time, their grades started to reflect a marked improvement, and the German language became easier to translate, to write, and to read. Rather than teach by rote and memorization, Herr Heinlein takes time to explain the reasons for the various "rules" associated with the language, to incorporate lessons into games (eg. Bingo), and to explain grammatical principles that are necessary to correctly utilize German. Herr Heinlein has been a tremendous help and knowledgeable "coach" as a German tutor.

— Lisa Forgas

Timothy got an 84 on his German test!!!! All because of you!!!! One more thing, Timothy said something very meaningful the other day when we were driving home from Starbucks. He told me that you are the first teacher who truly cares about his grades and how he is doing in class. This says a lot about today's teaching style and character. You are the last of the teachers who taught because they love to teach and not just to make the paycheck. Thanks for caring!

— Elaine, Timothy's Mother

Herr Heinlein ist ein ausgezeichneter Lehrer. Ich will fortsetzen, Deutsch zu lernen.

— Maureen Uhler, a student in an intermediate German class

Just wanted to say thank you for a great class last night, and I really enjoyed it! I started speaking German to my son this morning, and he started repeating everything I was saying! I’ll try to keep it up! My daughter also enjoyed doing the Wörtersuch (word search), and she loved the folder with the German cartoon. Looking forward to our next class!

Molly Luke— Molly Luke, a student still enrolled in my advanced-beginner class

Ed, you have my support and recommendation as a great German teacher.

— Joy Snyder, a student in a beginning class held at Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh for 10 weeks

Yes, we are done with tutoring for this year. I appreciate all that you have done for him. Without your help, he would have definitely failed. I anticipate that we will be needing your services again next year as well. I know that David’s experience under your tutelage has been excellent.

— Jennifer Petyk, mother of David Petyk, whom I tutored for 2 years

Our experience with Mr. Heinlein has been exceptional. Mr. Heinlein was instrumental in not only helping our son with his German studies, but also developing a solid understanding of the foundations of the German language. His tutoring is structured and enjoyable. With Mr. Heinlein’s guidance, our son’s enjoyment of German and more importantly, his grades, dramatically increased!

— Matthew Petyk, father of David Petyk, whom I tutored for 2 years

Loved class last night! I know I have a long way to go but the conversation for me was a great way to learn. Glad I have done the 1 on 1 for the amount of time we did as I know that laid some of the ground work. I really feel like I am getting somewhere with it now.

Josh Chiprich— Josh Chiprich, a beginning student I am still teaching since September of 2012 and working for a German company.

Zum Schlußmöchte ich meinen Dank zum Ausdruck bringen. Sie und Herr Hartzell haben mir einen guten Anfang im Sprachunterricht gegeben und haben mir die Liebe zur deutschen Sprache, zur deutschen Kultur, und zur deutschen Literatur belehrt.

— Dr. Arthur Turfa, former student for 3 years at Plymouth-Whitemarsh Senior High School in Plymouth Meeting, PA

I’ve used the German you taught me quite often through the years, having spent loads of time in Germany and Austria.

— Carol Worthington-Levy, former student for 3 years at Plymouth-Whitemarsh Senior High School in Plymouth Meeting, PA