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deutsche Sprache (German language)

  • Introduction
    • Description:
      1. "Awful German Language" by Mark Twain
      2. An Outsider’s View of the German Language
      3. Nine Brilliant Quotes about Speaking German
    • Facts and figures:
      1. Where is German spoken today as the main language?
        • Deutschland (Germany)
        • Österreich (Austria)
        • die Schweiz (Switzerland)
        • Liechtenstein (Lichtenstein)
      2. Five facts about languages spoken in Europe today
      3. Fun facts about the German language
      4. Some germane facts about German
  • What is the German language?
    • German belongs to the Germanic language family, which is one of 9 families of the Indo-European languages.
      1. The official German language today is Standard German, which is High German (Hochdeutsch), plus dialects and slang.
      2. Everyone learns Hochdeutsch in school, and all newspapers, books, TV programs, transportation schedules are written or spoken Hochdeutsch.
    • Linguistics of the German language
      1. Characteristics
      2. Written German
        • Spelling
        • Capitalization
        • Punctuation
  • German language today:
      1. German firms ditch umlauts for global trade
      2. Spelling (ß or ss; ck and tz)
      3. Capitalization (Noun or noun)
    • German language in other countries
      1. German language in the US
      2. Countries with the most German speakers
    • Trends
      1. Getting to grips with the German language
      2. Changes in language conversation and usage
      3. Suggestions to reform the German language
      4. Why some foreigners live in Germany without mastering the language?
      5. Is the German language degenerating?
      6. What divides the German language between east and west?
    • What is "Denglisch"? (Deutsch-English)
      Denglisch is a mix of Deutsch and English, which is heard with growing frequency among Germans, especially in areas with a lot of young people