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Geschichte (history)

historische Ereignisse (Historical Events)


der 1. Januar 2002
Euro banknotes and coins came into circulation
der 18. Januar 1871
Germany proclaimed itself an empire


der 5. Februar 1989
Last Fatal Shots at the Berlin Wall
der 13. Februar 1945
Allied bombing of Dresden during World War Two begins


der 4. März 1936
First flight of the airship „Hindenburg“
der 15. März 1991
„Two Plus Four Treaty“ put into force
der 25. März 1957
Founding of the europäische Union (European Union, EU)


der 1. April 1955
First Lufthansa flight
der 4. April 1949
Signing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
der 6. April 1917
United States Congress declaring war upon the German Empire
der 11. April 1945
Liberation of the Buchenwald concentration camp during World War Two
der 26. April 1945
Liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War Two
der 29. April 1945
Liberation of the Dachau concentration camp during World War Two
der 30. April 1991
Production of the Trabant car began in 1957 and ended on April 30, 1991


der 5. Mai 1949
Europe Day - Founding of Council of Europe in Strassburg
der 6. Mai 1937
Explosion of the „Hindenburg“ Luftschiff in Lakehurst, New Jersey
der 6. Mai 1955
Germany's membership into NATO
der 8. Mai 1945
V-E Day (Victory in Europe day) end of World War Two in Europe
der 9. Mai 1950
Europe Day - commemorates the day when the “Schuman Declaration” was presented to help maintain peaceful relations between European countries
der 12. Mai 1949
End of the Berlin Airlift
der 15. Mai 1955
Austrian Independence Day - day Austria united to form a republic after a period of Allied occupation
der 23. Mai 1949
Constitution Day