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deutscher Übersetzung (German Translation)

Handwritten Pages — $45/hour

Handwritten LetterHandwritten pages and Fraktur translation are priced at $45/hour. Ed will be contacting you with the number of hours.

Printed Pages — $40/hour

Printed PageMaterials in print are translated at $40/hour. Ed will be contacting you with the number of hours.

Prompt Service

Anny was a native German and all correspondence sent to Ethel her distant cousin and friend was always typed, making it much easier to read. Ethel suspected the worse when a handwritten letter arrived from Anny's niece, but could not read the details.

Ed was hired to translate this family letter. Ethel was grateful for Ed's prompt translation announcing the passing of Anny.

Family Letters and Documents

Ed can translate Family Letters and Documents (holiday cards, wills) from yesteryear or today. He is accurate and prompt.

Genealogy Related

Genealogy-related documents include state and federal archives, military records, guild records, immigration records, passenger lists, names, land research, census, letters to German sources, and vital records.


Certificates include birth, baptismal, death, and marriage.


Wuerzberg BookBooks include church, town, family, and „Ggazetteer" books.
Ed has translated the book, Würzberg - ein Heimatbuch - written Walter Weidmann, which is the village where my family originated. I couldn't have done it without him. Doug