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Speaking Topics

Cost for Speaking local is $50. That means Philadelphia area. If the request requires more travel, discussion is needed for the cost of expenses. That means some or all of the following would be involved hotel, meals, mileage, and air or road transportation. Contact Ed if you have any questions.

Ed Heinlein

German Genealogy from A to Z — $50

German Genealogy from A to Z: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

  • Who are my relatives that came to America from Europe?
  • What did my ancestors do before they came here?
  • When did my ancestors leave Europe?
  • Where did my ancestors come from and how did they get to Pennsylvania?
  • Why did my ancestors come to America?

Are you ready to research your family in Europe and don’t know how to go about it? All the basics from A to Z will be explained and suggestions will be given for getting answers.

Ed Heinlein

What does your name mean? — $50

If you want to know what your name means, one or several languages have probably affected its spelling and/or its meaning. Other factors influencing its meaning are the Roman period, the Germanic dialects, Christianity, and the Americanization of German names.

Map of Prussia

Where is Prussia? — $50

Prussia no longer exists. Prussia (blue) was the leading Germanic kingdom when Otto von Bismarck united the many Germanic kingdoms to form the “German Reich” in 1871. Prussia united West Prussia and East Prussia, which included today Brandenburg and Berlin, then moving eastward through Poland to Danzig. As a result, if someone has relatives from Prussia, records could be written in Low German, Germanic dialects, or Polish.

Ed Heinlein

What happened in 1618 in Europe? — $50

In 1618 the Thirty Years War began in Europe, which meant that the Catholic countries were fighting against the Protestant countries to determine which religion would be practiced in that country. Since the war was fought mainly in Central Europe, there was no Germany until 1871 as a result of the death, destruction, and famine it caused. If your relatives came from Central Europe, your family’s genealogy will probably be affected in some way.

Ed Heinlein

High German or Low German? — $50

High German is the official language of Germany. All Germans learn it in school. Books, magazines, and newspapers are written in High German, while High German is spoken in movies and on television programs. Since the high mountains are located in southern Germany, High German is spoken there. Consequently, since the lowlands are located in northern Germany, Low German is spoken there. As a result, there are great linguistic differences and communication problems.

Ed Heinlein

How to communicate with Archives? — $50

Do you need the answers to any of these questions?

  • Did any of my relatives come from a German-speaking country, area, or region?
  • How will I correspond with them?
  • Where and how do I write for information?
  • Can someone read and translate the information in Fraktur or in Gothic script?
  • Where and how do I send the money?
  • Have you reached a brickwall? (refugees, wars, languages, maps)
  • If so, was your family affected or resettled by European history, politics, and geography? (wars, changing country boundaries)
  • Do I need information about my family from a census, a wedding certificate or a death certificate?

A German consultant can provide the answers to these questions and more.