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deutscher Stammbaum (German Genealogy)

family history:
die Familiengeschichte
die Familienforschung
  1. Genealogy is a key that unlocks one’s heritage, and that will help put you and your family in touch with you roots.
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, about one in four Americans comes from German ancestry?
    • DID YOUKNOW THAT, many of the mercenary troops from Hesse stayed after the Revolutionary War and helped to build America?
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, genealogy can help you answer brick-wall questions, such as: Why did your ancestors come to America? From which German-speaking land did they come? When did your ancestors come to America?
  2. Genealogy opens doors—the door to geography, the door to history, and the door to language.
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, one/third of the people living in Pennsylvania have ancestors from Germany?
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, Germans settled in many areas of Pennsylvania, such as Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Reading, Allentown, and Kutztown?
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, the first permanent DEUTSCH colony in America was settled by German Quakers and Mennonites in Germantown (today a part of Philadelphia), Pennsylvania on October 6, 1683?
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, a small group of Anabaptists (Mennonites) settled near the contemporary town of Strasburg, which became known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country?
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, it was voted down in the state legislature in 1778 by ONE vote to make DEUTSCH the official language of Pennsylvania?
  3. Genealogy helps to preserve the customs and the traditions of your ancestors from the German-speaking lands of Europe.
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, genealogy makes you aware of German-Americana, which has impacted all aspects of your daily life?
    • DID YOU KNOW THAT, there are many German people, places, and things for you to discover when you climb that family tree?