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Heinlein Genealogy


This is the Heinlein Pittsburgh Story. The story begins when the Heinleins came to the US in the 1880’s and settled in the Pittsburgh area. The story comes from Ed’s trip to Bavaria in the summer of 1971, from genealogical research by (ProGenealogists), from research by the "Society for Family Research in Franconia" (Nuremberg, Bavaria), and from conversations with Carl and Gertrude Heinlein (Ed's grandparents). The Sidebar shows significant ancestors in Ed's family tree.

  • Supplemental information is needed to help you understand the story.
    • History plays an important role in the story.
      1. European history
      2. Effect of the 30 Years War
    • Geography also plays an important role in the story.
      1. German geography
        • Emigration seaports of Hamburg and Bremen
      2. Where is Bavaria, Germany?
      3. Bavarian connections
        • "between Abtsgreuth and Neustadt an der Aisch"
        • Gleißenberg influence
        • Scherzer family (Leonard and John)
      4. City, town and villages in Middle Franconia
  • Do you remember: Who were the Heinleins? (Conrad, John, Mikel John, Jim)
    • The origin of the Heinlein story can be found in Bavaria, Germany.
      1. Where did the "Heinlein" name come from?
      2. Why did the Heinleins come to the US?
      3. What kind of life were the Heinleins leaving in Bavaria in 1880’s?
      4. Why were the Heinleins Lutherans?
      5. What are the Heinlein married names involved in the research?
    • Where did the Heinleins come from in Germany?
      1. Who came to the US in 1883? (Nuremberg document)
        • Elisabetha Heinlein
        • Johann (1836 to 1919), father ✽
        • Johann Georg
        • Konrad (1863 to 1942)
        • Margareta (1838 to 1917), mother ✽
        • Michael John (1873 to 1965), son ✽
      2. Two Heinlein sons and a daughter from Bernhard and Margartha Heinlein’s family came to the Pittsburgh area:
        • Elisabetha Barbara Heinlein (1834 to 1929, emigrated in 1874)
        • John Heinlein (1836 to 1919, emigrated in 1883)
        • Johann Michael Heinlein (1832 to 1912, emigrated in 1889)
    • The following places, people, and events in Moon Township, Coraopolis, and the Pittsburgh area, had a connection with the Heinleins:
      1. Moon Township, Pennsylvania
      2. Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
      3. Pittsburgh area, Pennsylvania
    • There could be other possible Heinlein relatives.
      1. Heinleins in Pittsburgh
      2. Heinleins in the US
      3. Heinleins in Germany today
  • Summary:
    • How close were the Heinleins for things to be different in Bavaria?
    • Heinleins came from an area of Bavaria, which is deep in medieval history, which was greatly affected by the 30 Years War, and which is located close to the historical and Christmas Market town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

✽ - descendants of John and Margaret Wacker (Wachter) Heinlein.