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Speisen und Gebräuche (food and food customs)

der Salat, die Salate (salad)

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salad: der Salat, die Salate

carafe: die Wasserflasche, die Wasserflaschen
die Karaffe, die Karaffen

salad dressing: die Salatsoße, die Salatsoßen

with oil vinegar dressing: mit Öl und Essig

Salate (salads) are very small when served as accompaniment to an entree or light hot dish. They will be Tomaten (sliced tomatoes), Gurken (cucumbers), Sellerie (celery root), rote Ruben (cooked beets), Bohnen (cooked green beans), or various kinds of Kopfsalat (lettuce), all mixed with a vinegar based, watery, cream salad dressing.

Salads, which are served as Vorspeisen (appetizers), are the ones with meat, fish, vegetables, or combinations of all these ingredients and mixed with a heavy, rich thick mayonnaise or sour cream dressing. The traditional German Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) is normally served with hot Würstchen (sausages).

Various words are used for sauce: die Sauce, die Tunke, die Soße, or die Stippe, and they use three different words for cream: die Créme, die Sahne, and der Rahm.

Salat is the German lettuce, which is similar to Romaine lettuce, but it is very light. Since a mayonnaise dressing would weigh it down, the Germans make their own dressing: a delicious mixture of vinegar, oil, and sour cream to add taste. If fresh chives are available, they are chopped and tossed with the Salat. Dill-pickled vegetables often garnish the salad plate. The Germans are big on dill pickles, and they pickle not only cucumbers, but string beans, carrots, and beets.

fresh food plate of salad ingredients:
die Frischkostplatte, die Frischkostplatten
1. celery salad:
der Selleriesalat, die Selleriesalate
2. cheese and noodle salad:
der Käse-Nudelsalat, die Käse-Nudelsalate
3. cucumber salad:
der Gurkensalat, die Gurkensalate
4. egg salad:
der Eiersalat, die Eiersalate
5. fruit salad:
der Obstsalat, die Obstsalate
6. lettuce salad:
der Kopfsalat, die Kopfsalate
  garden lettuce salad:
der Gartensalat, die Gardensalate
  green salad:
grüner Salat, grüne Salate
7. mixed, tossed salad:
gemischter Salat, gemischte Salate
8. potato salad:
der Kartoffelsalat, die Kartoffelsalate
9. sausage salad with cheese:
der Wurstsalat mit Kase
10. sauerkraut salad:
der Weißkrautsalat, die Weißkrautsalate
11. tomato salad:
der Tomatensalat, die Tomatensalate
12. vegetarian salad:
die Rohkostplatte, die Rohkostplatten