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Eröffnung der Berliner Mauer (Opening of the Berlin Wall)

  1. Reaction to and perspective of the wall opening on 9 November 1989
    • View of Berliners:
      1. Berliner remembers crossing the Wall: There was a human tide moving.
      2. Berlin Wall fall: 'It was like Easter, Christmas, and New Years Eve rolled into one.'
      3. Berliner remembers fall of Berlin Wall and lessons that tyranny taught him
      4. How locals think Berlin has changed since the fall of the wall: "louder, more crowded, and more dangerous"
    • View of former East Berliners and East Germans:
      1. Behind the wall
        • Stories from East Germany—German reunification—a personal view
        • GDR’s traumatized victims
        • Wolf Biermann: To call the Nazi era 'bird shit' is criminal
        • How a 1976 concert shook the Berlin Wall
        • Artists in East Germany: critical, undesired, expatriated
        • What it meant to be punk in East Germany: 'You should be gassed'
        • "Freedom is the most precious possession": How Berlin Wall’s fall sparked joy and upended lives
        • Behind the Berlin Wall, Merkel dreamt of US road trip listening to Bruce Springsteen.
      2. Exploring everyday life in former East Germany
    • View of Germans:
      1. In Germany a post-Communist generation searches for identity
      2. Berlin Wall fall: The unbelievable moment that changed the world forever
      3. Spirit of optimism is gone: somber mood as Germany marks 30 years of Berlin Wall fall
      4. Merkel: Berlin Wall reminds us to defend democracy
      5. Live updates: Germany celebrates 30 years since fall of Berlin Wall
      6. Opinion: The perennial fight for freedom
      7. Opinion: Take interest in Germany’s East!