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  • Was ist Oktoberfest? (What is Oktoberfest?)
    Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festival and funfair), which is held annually for 16 (17,18) days in Munich, Bavaria, Germany from mid or late September to the first weekend in October.
  • vier Fragen (4 questions)
    • Wer feiert Oktoberfest? (Who celebrates Oktoberfest?)
      1. people in Germany:
        • Munich and Bavaria
        • Stuttgart: Cannstätter Volksfest and Schwaben (Schwabia)
        • Bad Dürkheim: Wurstmarkt (Weinfest)
      2. people in Europe:
        • Vienna and Austria
      3. people around the world
        • Australia
        • US: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, New York
    • Wann feiert man Oktoberfest? (When is Oktoberfest celebrated?)
      1. month: from the middle of September, usually the last Saturday of September, through the first Monday of October
      2. days: Oktoberfest usually lasts 16 days  
      3. daily time: begins each day at noon and lasts until 23.00 Uhr in the beer tents and 24.00 Uhr on the meadow grounds
    • Wo feiert man Oktoberfest in München? (Where is Oktoberfest celebrated?)
      1. city: München and southern Bavaria / Bayern
      2. area: Theresienwiese / meadow in the center of the city and at the foot of a hill dominated by the huge statue of die Bavaria (Lady of Bavaria)
      3. place: beer tents, amusement rides, stands, sideshows
    • Wie feiert man Oktoberfest? (How do you celebrate Oktoberfest?)
      1. Oktoberfest Kultur (Oktoberfest culture)
      2. Sitten und Bräuche (customs and traditions) The Oktoberfest Experience:
        • Speisen und Getränke (food and beverages)
          • die sechs Münchner Brauereien (6 Munich breweries)
            Augustiner   Löwenbräu   Hofbräu   Paulaner   Hacker-Pschor   Spaten
        • Oktoberfestwahrzeichen (symbols of Oktoberfest):
          • Münchner Kindl (Munich doll, which is the symbol of Munich)
          • die Bavaria / Lady of Bavaria statue near the meadow
          • blau und weiß (colors blue and white, the state colors of Bavaria)
          • Oktoberfestreden (language, sayings and phrases)
          • Züge, Einzüge, Festzüge (parades and processions)
          • Volkstrachten, Lederhosen, and Dirndl (folk costumes)
          • Volkstänze (folk dances)
          • Musik und Volkslieder (music and folk songs)
            In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus! und ein Prosit! (Cheers)
          • Bavaria Denkmal (Bavaria statue)
      3. Was kann man beim Oktoberfest machen? (What can you do at Oktoberfest?)
        • Termine (schedule of events and highlights):
        • auf der Wies’n (activities and venues at the meadow):
          • The Wies’n is the Reason
          • Fahrten oder Fahrgeschäfte (amusement rides)
          • Biere, Brauereien, und Zelte (beer, breweries, and tents)
          • Verkaufsstände (booths and stands)
          • Schausteller (sideshows and exhibitors)
        • Bierzelte, Speisezelte, und Weinzelt (beer tents, food tents, wine tent)
      4. Auskunft und Vorschläge (useful information and tips)