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Neujahrstag (New Year's Day)

  • Was ist Neujahrstag? (What is New Years Day?)
    Neujahr or Neujahrstag is January 1, which is also known as the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. New Years Day is a public holiday in Germany. Many people begin the New year at midnight between December 31 and January 1 with sparkling wine and fireworks.
  • Wortschatz zum Neujahrstag (vocabulary for New Years Day)
  • Wie feiert man Neujahrstag? (How is New Years Day celebrated in Germany?)
    Many people begin January 1 by celebrating the end of the old year and the start of the new year at midnight. Those celebrations include public concerts, parties, and fireworks, which may last into the early hours of January 1.
  • The following practices and traditions are associated with the beginning of the new year in German-speaking countries:
    • Grüße: most common greetings and toasts to the New Year are:
      • Alles Gute im neuen Jahr! (I wish you well in the New Year!)
      • Ein glückliches neues Jahr! (Happy New Year!)
      • Ein gutes und gesegnetes neues Jahr! (A good and blessed New Year!)
      • Gesundes neues Jahr! (Have a healthy new year!)
      • Guten Rutsch! (Have a good slide or beginning into the new year!)
      • Prosit Neujahr! (Happy New Year!)
      • Prost Neujahr! (Cheers to the New Year!)
      • Viel Glück im Neuen Jahr! (Good luck in the New Year!)
    • Speisen und Getränke: (food and beverages)
    • Glauben und Aberglauben: (beliefs and superstitions)
  • Was macht man zum Neujahrstag? (What can you do to celebrate New Years Day?)
    • Many people spend the day quietly, but some organize a communal lunch or evening meal with friends or family.
    • Many people watch ski jumping on TV. (Skispringen am Fernsehen anschauen)
    • In some regions, local media compete to find and publish a photograph of the first baby born in the New Year.
    • Classical orchestras may present a special music program known as a New Years Concert in the afternoon or evening.
    • Germany’s Chancellor makes a televised New Year’s speech.
    • Many people take a winter vacation (Winterurlaub) or ski vacation (Schiurlaub) during the post-Christmas season.