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König Ludwig der 2. von Bayern (King Ludwig II of Bavaria)

Death and Legacy of King Ludwig

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  • Death of King Ludwig:
    • Informational facts about his death.
      1. Ludwig died on June 13, 1886.
      2. Ludwig was found floating in Lake Starnberg, along with his doctor.
    • There is a legend about Ludwig’s death:
      1. There are 3 stories about Ludwig’s death---murder, suicide, or drowning?
      2. Question to be answered: Who killed whom?
        • Were Ludwig and his doctor murdered and then thrown into the lake?
        • Did Ludwig murder the doctor and then kill himself?
        • Did Ludwig drown while trying to escape?
  • Legacy of King Ludwig:
  • King Ludwig’s popular culture today:
    • Bavarian people
      1. For some people today, Ludwig’s life may seem very uncommon, but Ludwig was and still is, the favorite king of the Bavarian people.
      2. There is a marble statue of King Ludwig at Herrenchiemsee Palace in Chiemsee Lake in Bavaria (1870).
    • Tourism and visitors to the castles
    • Clubs, organizations, and museums
      1. Souvenirs and artifacts with Ludwig’s picture on them for purchase: glasses, mugs, books, postcards, plates, T-shirts, and head statues.
      2. The Loyal Friends of the King Club meets once a year to celebrate his life in Gammelsdorf, Bavaria.
      3. There is a museum in Herrenchiemsee Castle about his life and artistic legacy.
    • Festivals and exhibitions
      1. There is an exhibition in Munich "King Ludwig and Music" every year in July.
      2. In the summer, people can spend a night at Linderhof Palace with the Bavarian fairytale king on “King Ludwig Night” on his birthday, August 25.
      3. King Ludwig Bonfire / König Ludwig Feuer
        • On the eve of King Ludwig’s birthday (August 25), huge logs are piled up on Oberammergau’s local mountain, Mount Kofel.
        • The logs are lit once darkness falls.
        • Afterwards a torchlight procession moves down the valley to party in the taverns until dawn.
    • Media effects of King Ludwig’s life:
      1. Books
        • "The Lonely King, Recollections of Ludwig 2nd of Bavaria" by Werner Bertram in 1936
        • Novel: "The Ludwig Story"
        • Factual report: "Castles, Friends, and Dreams of the King" and "Mysteries and Secrets about Ludwig" by Hans Steen
      2. Movies
        • "Ludwig II, King of Bavaria" (1930, silent film) / "Silence at Starnberg Lake" (1930, silent film) / (both directed by William Dieterle)
        • "Ludwig II: Splendor and End of a King" (1955) / (directed by Helmut Käuter)
        • Ludwig: Requiem for a Virgin King" (1972) / (directed by Hans-Jürgen Syberberg)
        • "Ludwig" (1973) **** (directed by Luchino Visconti)