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Fastnachtzeit oder Fastenzeit: (Carnival Season)

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  • Was ist Fastnachtzeit? (What is Carnival Season?)
  • Wortschatz zur Fastnachtzeit (vocabulary for the carnival season)
  • Wo feiert man Karneval? (Where is Carnival celebrated?)
  • Wie feiert man Karneval? (How is Carnival celebrated?)
    • frühere Bräuche: (customs of the past)
      1. During the Roman days, the master becomes a slave and the slave becomes the master. There was also the ancient Roman rite of cleansing before the coming of spring.
      2. During the medieval days, it was about the driving away of the dark and the threatening forces of winter by masks and noise.
      3. Concerning the modern carnival, it became the religious celebration of Lent (Catholic vs. Protestant) and the performance of Fastnachtsspiele (Karneval plays) during pre-Lenten season
    • heutige Bräuche: (customs of today)
      1. Bräuche (customs)
        • Kostüme und Masken (costumes and masks)
        • Narren und Närrinnen (male and female fools or jesters)
        • Grüße (greetings, cries, shouts)
        • Bützchen, Schunkeln, Tanzen (kissing, swaying arm-in-arm, dancing)
        • Speisen und Getränke (food and beverages)
        • Singen und Faschings- und Karnevalslieder (Carnival songs)
      2. Sitten (traditions)
        • Faschings- und Karnevalspersonen (Carnival figures or people)
        • Politik (political side of Carnival)
        • Scheingrabung (mock burial of prince and princess at midnight)
      3. Was macht man zur Fastenzeit? Veranstaltungen und Festlichkeiten (What can you do during carnival season? events and festivities)
        • Sitzungen und Gesellschaften (meetings or sessions and societies)
        • Straßenkarneval (street carnival)
        • Kinderkarneval (children's carnival)
        • Züge und Umzüge (parades and processions)
        • Privatpartys, Clubs, Bars, und Partys (private parties and parties)
    • Vorschläge (tips)
      1. Survival guide for the Carnival Season---a few helpful hints
  • Wann feiert man Karneval? (When is Carnival celebrated?)
    • Karneval beginnt um 11.11 Uhr am 11. November des Vorjahres. (Carnival begins at 11 minutes after 11 o'clock on November 11 of the previous year.)
    • Es gibt 11 tolle Veranstaltungen während der Fastnachtzeit. (There are 11 crazy events during the carnival season.)
    • Karneval wird am 6. Januar auch mit Dreiköngisfest gefeiert. (Carnival is also celebrated on Three Kings Day.)
    • Karneval wird die Woche vor Aschermittwoch in vollem Gange gefeiert. (Carnival is celebrated in full swing the week before Ash Wednesday.)