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Wo feiert man Fastnachtzeit? (Where is Carnival celebrated?)

Basler Fasnacht (Carnival in Basel)

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Today Basler Carnival is said to be "the only Protestant carnival in the world."

  • What is Basler Fasnacht?
  • How is Fasnacht celebrated in Basel?
    • Components of Fasnacht:
      1. Costumes
      2. Cortege (parades)
      3. Sujet (theme)
    • Fasnacht in numbers
    • 5 Groups:
      1. Cliques (formation of people who march through town, playing the piccolo and basler drum)
      2. Gugge (brass band)
      3. Schnitzel singer
      4. Floats
      5. Schyssdräggziili (non-Clique individuals who play piccolo and drums)
    • Events during Fasnacht:
      1. Morgestraich (a nocturnal procession)
      2. Gugge concerts
      3. Children and family Fasnacht
    • Traditions:
      1. Confetti
      2. Lantern exhibition
  • Events around Fasnacht
    • Lantern piping
    • Lantern farewell
    • Kehrausball (masked ball)
    • Sunday stroll