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Classes and Instruction

My thirty years of teaching experience can be used to help you learn the German language and other cultural topics. The language courses will be taught by earning a Deck of Cards or playing 18 Holes of German Golf. Each student will also be given a certificate or Ehrenurkunde. The cost including materials is $20 per person per class and minimum class size is 2 students. Here is the curriculum.

GERMAN LANGUAGE COURSES: ($20 per person per class*)

  1. Beginning German / Anfänger Deutsch More »
  2. Intermediate German / Mittelstufe Deutsch More »
  3. Advanced German / Oberstufe Deutsch More »
  4. Review Course / Wiederholung More »
  5. Conversational German / Gesprächsdeutsch More »
  6. Business German / Geschäftsdeutsch More »

* - price includes materials

Tutoring can be in person or via Skype. Cost is $40/hr.

3-----Student will get special help with any vocabulary, any grammar, or any cultural topic.

2-----Tutoring will be private or with other members of your family.
  Tutoring will be online or at a predetermined location.

1-----Student will be given a pre-test in vocabulary and/or grammar, in order to determine what level or specific topic of need the student requests.

Tutoring Topics

Tutoring Testimonial

Timothy got an 84 on his German test!!!! All because of you!!!!

Timothy told me that you are the first teacher who truly cares about his grades and how he is doing in class. This says a lot about today's teaching style and character. You are the last of the teachers who taught because they love to teach and not just to make the paycheck.

Thanks for caring!

Elaine, Timothy's mother

Week #2 Timothy gets 100!


German Translation

Prompt Service

Anny was a native German and all correspondence sent to Ethel her distant cousin and fri/was always typed, making it much easier to read. Ethel suspected the worse when a handwritten letter arrived from Anny's niece, but could not read the details.

Ed was hired to translate this family letter. Ethel was grateful for Ed's prompt translation announcing the passing of Anny.

Translation Categories
Both Handwritten and Printed Pages.

German Genealogy
Let Ed help you trace your Germanic Ancestors! ()

Genealogy Services

Ed's Genealogical Research & Experience

Surnames I am researching: Trautmann / Beck / Krentz / Colter / Kuhlman / Schmidt / Pfeiffer / Scherzer / Seifert

Places I am researching: city of Nürnberg and the surrounding area of Franconia, in Bavaria, Germany.

I am a retired German teacher, who has studied three summers in Salzburg, Austria and who has traveled to the German-speaking countries 15 times. I am currently setting up my own website to continue my hobby as a German Consultant. I am available for teaching, tutoring, translating German, and researching German genealogy.

I am a member of the following genealogical societies:

I have recently joined the Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken e.V. (Society for Family Research in Franconia), in order to help locate some of my loose ends. I visited the small town where my great-grandfather was born and spoke with the Bavarian relatives in 1972, but a new generation has emerged and needs to be updated.

I have joined the Moon Township Historical Society in order to research the Heinleins in Moon Township.

John Heinlein and wf Margaret Wachter 2gr grandparents of Ed Heinlein
John Heinlein (1835-1915) and his wife, Margaret Wachter Heinlein (1838-1919)

The Heinleins immigrated from Neustadt an der Aisch, Bavaria in 1883. Conrad, the oldest of the four sons of John and Margaret (Wachter) Heinlein, purchased the land where the airport runways are today. Each of the four sons (Conrad, John, Michael, and Jim) had a farm and farmed the land until the early 1930's and sold them to Bell Dairy Farm.

Heinlein Coat of Arms
Heinlein Coat of Arms